Mission Statement

This mission of Unidos do Mundo is for Brazilian samba organizations, Brazilian sponsors , along with international samba groups and organization and international sponsors to support, foster, and grow samba outside of Brazil.

Realization of this Mission

Brazil has created an artform that has been taken up around the world and continues to grow. The objective Unidos do Mundo is to gather and foster “sambistas” or samba lovers outside of Brazil in an annual parade during carnaval in Brazil. Ideally, this would be Unidos do Mundo opening the yearly parade of champions in Rio and Sao Paulo on alternating years.

Along with the parade, there would be:

  • Workshops given during the week of carnaval in dance, percussion, and costumes
  • Create and implement a sambista certification program to certify sambista levels of dance, percussion, and costuming
  • A Queen of the Bateria contest between all queens from groups outside of Brazil would be chosen
  • An “ala” or group in the parade would be all the porta-bandeiras and mestres-salas from around the world with their flags
  • Each sambista parading in the sambadrome will wear a flag armband from their country